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About Kerala Lottery

Kerala, God's own country, added another first to its cap in 1967 when a Department was set up in the Government sector for the first time in India for the conduct of paper Lotteries. It was late Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib envisaged this idea for the generation of revenue through the sale of lotteries and for providing a stable source of income to the poor and needy belonging to the marginalized section of society.

Kerala Lottery Tickets

Tickets are produced with numerical sequences commencing at 100,000, each accompanied by an alphabetic code. This code comprises two letters, with the initial letter indicating the lottery scheme's name and the second letter signifying the series. For instance, in a ticket labeled as No. AB-123456, the letter A corresponds to Akshaya, and B designates the series.

How Tickets are Arranged for Drawing

Seven drums, each of a distinct color, are employed for the ticket drawing process.

The first drum signifies the ticket series for the draw, while the remaining drums symbolize numbers from the 'lakhs' place to the 'ones' (units) place. Initially, a sealed purse containing tokens with the series code specific to that draw is inserted into the first drum. Following this, the second drum is introduced, representing the lakhs place. For instance, if three lakh tickets have been printed in each series for a draw, the second drum is equipped with a sealed purse containing tokens numbered from 1 to 3, signifying the lakhs place. Subsequently, all other drums are filled with purses containing tokens numbered from 0 to 9.

Procedure of Drawing the Tickets

Following the arrangement of the drums for ticket drawing, a handle connected to each drum is swiftly rotated, ensuring thorough mixing of the tokens within the purses.

The Chairman of the supervising panel then randomly selects a token from the first drum, representing the winning series for the first place. This token is publicly displayed, and its corresponding series code is promptly inscribed on the board, facing the stage.

This sequential process is repeated for each drum to obtain a number from each one. The obtained numbers are recorded on the right side of the series code, forming an alphabetic code consisting of two letters and six numbers. This combined code is announced as the winning number.

In the event that a prize is assigned to an unsold ticket under the department's custody, real-time verification is conducted against the list of unsold tickets. If such a situation arises, the draw for that specific prize is reiterated until the prize is awarded to a sold ticket.

The department officials present at the venue enter this winning number in their register. Following several draws by the panelists, the public is invited to actively participate in the drawing procedure, unveiling the remaining winning numbers.

Kerala Lottery Timetable

The Kerala Lottery timetable provides a schedule for upcoming game:

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Sthree Sakthi Lottery
Fifty Fifty Lottery
Karunya Plus Lottery
Nirmal Lottery
Karunya Lottery
Akshaya Lottery
Kerala Lottery

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