Company registration in India

Globalization has made the business world come closer. With FDI being liberalized in a unique way, India has opened doors for the world to come and do business in India. Companies from various countries come to India for business and seek registration for their representative companies or establishments here. We help by suggesting below models of doing business in India:

There can be two types of it based upon ownership namely

100% ownership
Fully owned subsidiaries (only in FDI permitted sectors as Per latest FDI policy)
Less than 100% ownership
Joint Ventures
Indian subsidiaries enjoy same rights as basically Indian Companies. There are certain norms to the activities of proposed companies as per FDI policy of the Government. Many activities are permitted to bring 100% foreign investments whereas on some activities Government has put restrictions where Government gives permission of 100% FDI and in a few activities 100% FDI is not permitted and even Government route can not be availed. In those cases, Joint Ventures are good channel of investment, where a certain percentage is held by Indian entities. In the Joint Venture Form of working, foreign company can get a good financial resource with some ready contacts and experienced partners, however a complete privacy has to be a bit parted with.
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