Project Management Consulting Services

Project management is a challenge for many organizations. More pressure than ever is being applied to deliver greater returns and / or improved service levels through strategic projects. In today’s fast paced business world we find that the statistics continue to show that many projects are not meeting the targets set by the top management. CompuBee® provides Onsite as well as Off-shore Project Management Consulting Services to meet these challenges.

Organizations have increasingly started using project management practices for strategic internal purposes such as Starting a New Plant, Business Process Re-engineering, Implementing Organization-wide Software such as ERP or starting a New Product Line. As the business scenarios are becoming complex, the scope of these internal projects in organizations increasing. Many a times these projects involve cross-functional teams across different organizational levels. The resources used for these internal projects in terms of internal man-power, raw materials, external manpower / consultants is increasing. Sometimes these resources are shared among multiple projects and managing these shared resources is a big challenge. With stakes being so high and cut-throat competition, management of these organizations cannot afford projects not meeting the stated objectives of the projects.

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