Video Brochure

Price: 2000/-peice
Video Brochures, provides the information regarding the products and services in an interactive way. Video Brochures are the combination of print as well as video. This way, brands can communicate their message more efficiently and generate more leads. There are several benefits of video brochures like it act as a powerful marketing tool, helps in data and lead generation and augment communication.

Screen Sizes :
Uniques Design Video Brochure | 7:0 " Screen.
Leather PU Video Brochure | 7:0 " HD Screen.
Video Brochure With a Tray | 7:0 " HD Screen.
Touch Screen Video Brochure | 7.0 " Screen.
Video Brochure With A5 Card Size | 4.3" Screen.
Standy Video Card | 10.1" Screen.
Hard Cover With Ring Binder | 10.1" Screen.

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