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Neevinternational Valuer Surveyors PMC n EPC LLP
246 Vipul Khand 3 Gomti Nagar Lucknow, Lucknow
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24 Feb, 2018
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Sales Engineer

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Neev International provides delight by doing your service. Neev provides quality service and products that brings smile on people faces.Services to your taste buds. Home for humans not just houses. We make heart go bouncing with the love which you give us. At Neev architects and engineers work as a team to provide a design and solutions that provides distinctive image and identity, but retains the aesthetics of a particular community.

Neev will resolve all your problems and provide solution as you want. Your dreams fulfilled the way you wanted them to. A parameter always yours.We have integration in our services in which Engineers and Architects work with lawyers and CA as well. Total professional concern.

A bond so strong it lasts long.

Neevinternational works for Surveys,Buildings,Infrastructure, Rail, Road, Marine, Airport.

Your work is done with Neev team. Neev is a Guarantee for satisfaction. Integration with sinful love.

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Neevinternational relates to Construction of all Roads, Bridges, Power Plant, Malls, Residential, Commercial, Industries, Mining and Tunnel Activities, Pre Tender preparation,Mechanical,Civil, Building Construction, Project Management, Feasibility Study, Construct-ability, Environmental Impact, Geo-technical Investigation, Cost Estimating, Industrial Engineer, Alternative Evaluation, Nuclear, Basis of Design, Specification, Construction Management, Material Testing, Quality Control, Value Engineering, Structural Distress, Rehabilitation, Tunneling, Pavements, negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, construction law, contract law and insurance Mining, Safety Works, Energy Production. Professionals only. Neev prepares drawing & executes. Full support for all services
  • B.E. or MBA only
  • Selling our services both online and offline
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