Best Lawyers in Surat, India

Looking for Best Lawyers in Surat, India? Find the list of Best Lawyers in Surat, India on our business directory. Best Lawyers near me.
Looking for Best Lawyers in Surat, India? Find the list of Best Lawyers in Surat, India on our business directory. Best Lawyers near me.
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M.K.Desai & Associates

619 Lalbbhai- Cntr Centre Complex, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat


302, Shivam Shopping Centre, Tadwadi Rander Road, Surat, Gujarat

Bhavin J. Thakkar

109, Prime Chmb, Op SBI Athugar St, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat

Bipinbhai M. Parmar

104, Super Diamond Market, Varachha Road, Surat, Gujarat

Dhirubhai M. Bhandari

517, Lalbhai Cont Cplx, Nr Lib Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat

Digvijaysinh J. Sisodiya B.Com

U1, Upper G Flr, Sutaria Buld, Opp Court, Nanpra, Surat, Gujarat

Harshad Pandya

302 Dala Chambers, Bejanji, Kotwal Str, Nanpur, Surat, Gujarat

Kirit S. Banatwala

5-6, Sidhismart Park, Anand Mahal Road, ADAJAN, Surat, Gujarat

Kullin G. Pathak

201, Lalbhai Con Complex, Opp. Library Court Road Nanpra, Surat, Gujarat

Mahesh K. Desai

619, Lalbhai-cntrctr Cplx, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat

Mukesh C. Shah

2 Floor, 2006 Shankar Plaza, Timaliywad, Nanpra, Surat, Gujarat

Rajesh C. Mahindra

519, 5th Flr, Jolly Plaza, Athwagate, Surat, Gujarat

Ramesh G. Patel

501- 2- 3, Abhi - Royale A/c Complex, Bhatar Road, Surat, Gujarat

Ranna H. Patel

O32, Kanaknidhi, 1st Floor, Nanpura, Timaliyaw, Surat, Gujarat

Sanjay Rameshchandra Dudhwala

Near Udna Zone, Muncipal Off. Udhana, Surat, Gujarat

Viken M. Gajiwala

U1, Upperer F Lr Sutaria Building, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat

Viresh I. Thakkar

707, Tirupati Plaza, Near Collecttor Office Nanpra, Surat, Gujarat
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Lawyers in India are an integral part of the legal system and play a vital role in providing justice and upholding the rule of law. They are highly educated and trained professionals who are experts in the field of law. They are responsible for providing legal advice, representing clients in legal proceedings, and drafting and interpreting laws. In India, lawyers have to go through rigorous training and education before they can practice law. They must have a degree in law from a recognized university and pass a bar exam before they are officially allowed to practice.

Lawyers in India are divided into two categories – Solicitors and Barristers. Solicitors deal mainly with providing legal advice to clients, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in court proceedings. Barristers, on the other hand, are more focused on appearing in court and arguing cases in front of judges and juries. Both categories of lawyers are highly skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about the field of law and how to apply it to their clients’ cases.

Lawyers in India are also extremely well-versed in the Indian legal system and the various laws governing it. This enables them to provide the best advice to their clients and ensure that their rights are upheld in the course of legal proceedings. They are also knowledgeable about the various international laws, making them well-equipped to handle international legal cases.

In short, Lawyers in India are essential members of the legal system who play a vital role in providing justice and upholding